Our automotive window films all come with a NATIONWIDE MANUFACTURER LIFETIME WARRANTY.  The warranties cover both the film and labor anywhere in the United States. Even if our customers move out of the area they're covered.  This keeps our customers protected anywhere across the USA. 

    We offer several film lines each with 3-5 shade choices. Having a large variety of films and shades to choose from gives our customers a chance to choose the tint that is right for their individual needs. Our staff will explain the differences between the films and help each customer make the right decision for their car.  Call Tintman today for a FREE estimate to tint your car!!!


  - Reduced Heat, Glare, and Fading
  - 99% U.V. Protection
  - AM/FM, GPS, and Satellite Radio Safe Films Available
  - Large Selection of Films to Choose From



      Tel: (951) 461- 0440


26658 Jefferson Avenue #106 

Murrieta, California 92562


       Tel: (760) 546 - 4227


2245 Enterprise St. #120

Escondido, CA 92029

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